Another Great Groeschel Novel

Brittany Rae Olson

5 Stars

April 17, 2017

Lemme start off by saying two things. The first is that I've always thought this was called Chaztown. The second is that I totally geek out over Craig Groeschel.

I have been waiting for the opportunity/right time to buy this book for quite a while.(ahem, school books I am talking to you!) When I saw the revised and updated version pop up on blogging for books I was ecstatic. As with every other Craig novel, I have finished this within a weekend. This will mark the fifth book of his I have read and none disappoint.  Craig Groeschel is a pastor of Life Church and a well published author.  He re-released this book with more information within these pages than previous editions.  As I said before I have not read the other so I cannot decipher if you should buy this in addition to the one you may already have, but its good.  I am currently reading Altar Ego, which is another of his.  I have also read Christian Athiest, Weird, and Soul Detox. Each of those were excellent so I was overwhelmed with happiness when I was able to review this. 

Chazown is a guidebook more or less to finding the "what God wants to do with me/ why am I here" question most of us have.  It has incredibly short chapters (hello, one page) that act as a roadmap to finding your God given purpose, the why you are here because God has a plan for you...

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