Julius McCarter

5 Stars

April 11, 2017

Craig Groeschel's Chazown:  Discover and Pursue God's Purpose in Your Life draws it the title from the Hebrew word meaning a dream, revelation or vision (and pronounced khaw-ZONE).  The word is found in Proverbs 29.18, "Where there is no vision (Chazown), the people perish", the key verse of the book.

The book does an excellent job of leading the reader to discover his or her life's vision.   Readers consider past experiences, spiritual gifts, and core values while searching for life's Chazown. Craig Groeschel not only gives readers insight on how to discover their Chazown, but he takes the audience even further offering advice on what to do after they have discovered their vision.  And in this revision, he offers even richer resources for readers to live out their Chazown in your relationship with God, your relationship with people, your financial health, your physical health and your life's work.

Anyone looking for purpose in life or encouragement to live life to the fullest will benefit from Chazown.  Though, how much a person benefits is up to them.  Because Chazown is an easy and quick read, many important topics can be overlooked.  The more time and thought you put into grasping the concepts Groeschel presents in his book, the fuller understanding you will gain.
I received a free copy of this book as part of the Blogging for Books program in exchange for my honest review here.