Tebow Walks the Walk!

Elaine Allen

5 Stars

April 5, 2017

Even the most casual football fan has heard of Tim Tebow. Everyone knows that he is a Christian and puts God first. Everyone also knows that he faced harsh criticism for his beliefs. This book shows how often he stumbled and how his faith helped him back up. To read about how God worked in his life behind the scenes was quite refreshing. His belief in God did not make his dreams all come true without struggle, in fact He did not make it easy on Tim at all. Yes he made it to the NFL, but he did not stroll onto the field and become the next Peyton Manning. What he did accomplish however, was to make his name known so that he could share his faith with the world. His purpose was not to be a superstar quarterback, but to show everyday people how to get through difficult situations with a faith that can't be shaken. To hear this story from someone whom we are all familiar with is that much more meaningful beause we know he did not have it as easy as one might think. To compare, I have read a lot of books about writing and how to get published that were written by people I had never heard of, but the book that I learned the most from was Stephen King's "On Writing". Here's arguably the most successful.writer out there, showing the rest of us how to do it. We know it worked for him, so it makes more of an impact. That is how I felt reading this book by Tim Tebow. We all know that he walks in faith, and we have all seen what he has had to overcome. He shows that if you trust in God, with Him you can do all things.
I really enjoyed this book, and I am so glad I picked it as my next book to review for bloggingforbooks.com. I received it in exchange for an honest review, and honestly I loved it!