People of the Second Chance

Tijuana Canders

5 Stars

March 25, 2017

People of the Second Chance is three things. It is a movement, a non-profit agency, and now a book as well. Mike Foster is the author of the book, runs the movement and non-profit, is the Chief Chance Officer at People of the Second Chance, and has dedicated his life to helping people relaunch their lives with a sense of hope and purpose. 

The People of the Second Chance encourages all of us to know that our lives are not based off of a strike system by God, but rather a chance to walk in redemption to see a new story unfold before our eyes. God has forgiven us and it is up to us to go in the right direction. Throughout this book are many great, ideas about how to accept the imperfections of ourselves, and others as God uses each of us for His glory and for drawing people to Himself. It was also surprisingly authentic that author Mike Foster throws prodigal parties for those who came or who are coming back to Christ. What an act of unconditional love! The prodigal parties symbolizes we are lovedforgivenredeemed, and restored

The book I found was just a consistent reflection on how we need to change and find new ways that we are defining ourselves. Mike Foster laments 'no longer are we to think negatively of our selves, but look at ourselves as a new identity. The identity that is deep within us and truly wanting to break free, the one that has been buried beneath the brokenness, the shame, the mistakes of old." (42)  "When God writes our lives, there are never mistakes, just movements to bring us closer to Him." (59) 

Regardless of where we are on our journey, we have all been given a second chance through God to live a more purposeful life. We never advance beyond God’s grace and our understanding and experience of it. It is God’s love that changes and transforms us and radically reorients us to be more loving toward others who are broken like we are.

This is a fantastic inspirational book. It is funny, authentic, and profound. The book is good for anyone wanting to experience redemption through the power of Jesus Christ. It is for those who are willing to admit that they are not perfect and no longer want to try and pretend that they are perfect.

© 2017 Tijuana L.Canders