Red Headed Book Lady

Lori Parrish

5 Stars

March 18, 2017

One of Carrie's most finest novels written yet and my most favorite so far.
Not being sure I'd like Recency novels Carrie has laid that to rest as well as Roseanna White. 
I now will read anything by these two wonderful writers. 
I felt immediately drawn into this book from page 1 and usually that is not the case even with Contemporary fiction.
I generally try to advance my reading habits from historical and Amish to several different types of reading. 
Again so far, I am not disappointed! 
This book tends to have a little mystery in it and it also has romance.
Nate is definitely my hero. I love his outgoing personality and wanting to make things right with the villagers that His father had done wrong.
He seems to me that he believes in God as well. 
I would describe him as dark haired and of about medium height. With a wonderful personality as I've said before. 
Maggie and Violet have gone through some hard times. 
Maggie is a Thomas the doubter. She's skeptical about everything her grandmother does and says. 
I admire her grandmother Mrs.Hays. She has a devout faith that I would sincerely love to have. 
I've definitely fallen of the wagon wheel so I know about where Maggie comes from. Right now, I too am a Thomas the doubter. 
I love the time period and I am truly fascinated with the early 1900's. 
Their clothing was fabulous! The hats and dresses were amazing and I admire the people who could design these outfits. (I think that if time were reversed there would be some people today including myself that would be lost as they don't know how to see or grow their own gardens).
A lot of workers were at unrest with their long working hours and pay. I believe there were many strikes do to unsafe conditions. 
I did not however like Mrs. Harcourt. 
She is one who doesn't like change and cannot except it very easily. 
I hate to admit it, but I am not fond of change either. Even though sometimes change is for the good. So I can relate to Mrs.Harcourt in that area.
I love the openness that Nate and Maggie seem to have. I believe in telling the truth so no skeletons will jump out in a relationship later on. 
I thought they were perfect for each other. 
I strongly recommend this book. 
I received this complimentary copy from Blogging for Books. I was in no way required to review this book and all 
is in my own words