Great Journey!

Holly Johnson

5 Stars

March 15, 2017

We are made for freedom and adventure, friendship and romance. Yet too much of life is spent unfulfilled at work, restless at home, and bored at church. All the while knowing there is something more. You’ll find some of life’s best moments waiting for you over a campfire, on a river—even in that coffee shop or brewery you didn’t know you’d discover along the way. It’s time to begin the search. In the literary spirit of well-worn tales about America’s open road, this poetic, honest, often hilarious collection of essays shows how to embark on adventures that kindle spiritual reflection, personal growth, and deeper family connections. From surfing California’s coastlines, stargazing southwestern deserts, and fly-fishing in remote mountains of Montana, you’ll be inspired to follow the author’s footsteps and use the hand-drawn maps from each chapter to plan your own trips. There you will hear God’s voice – and it may help you find what you’re searching for.

I have to say, you really can judge a book by its cover here!  This was a very enjoyable book to read...and not just because we're always on the go.  There is a lot of focus on nature, and God's creations around us - about slowing down and appreciating the small moments in life.  Whether you're in the Grand Canyon or Hawaiian islands...or watching a sunset from your hotel room, witnessing a beautiful moonrise over the highway, or birds playing together on a city sidewalk....God's wonder is everywhere.  Whether you're a traveler, or just have a case of wanderlust, this book will take you places...both in your faith and in your mind.  Enjoy the journey!