What's for dinner? ... a conundrum ...

Hilary Wagner

4.5 Stars

March 14, 2017

Melissa Clark's latest, Dinner was a conundrum to me.  The photographs were beautifully done and caught my attention right away, yet the table of contents looked convoluted to read through (perhaps more font-size variation would help, to differentiate the categories from the laundry list of recipe titles).  A yummy-sounding dish of caramlized lemon chicken as I flipped through the book, stated in the intro about the culinary technique she is 'laying claim to' which sounded oddly familiar .... and literally the next page has spatchcocked chicken .. hmm I do see different explanations for "splaying" and the former term in the front of the book.  Burrata caprese with peaches sounds lovely, blood orange chicken (sans the olives) looks tasty, "more flavor, less work" as Clark states in the introduction is a good plan for our busy lives. 

I received the book in return for writing this review.