a title to keep for future generations

Ginny Blankenship

5 Stars

May 19, 2011

First, let me say that Mark Elliot has done a beautiful job illustrating this book. My 2 year old was fascinated with the pictures and I loved how they illustrated the words and yet the combination of minimal words and beautiful pictures left lots of room for discussion. (When the kids act "a little bad" we were able to talk about what they were doing wrong and how they could have done things differently for example.)

Anthony DeStefano does a great job of bringing to mind many of the things children might pray about (protection when frightened, to feel Him when they feel alone, help to make the right decisions, forgiveness etc) without going into a lot of detail. This lets your child talk about his or her personal situations.

The combination of open wordage and illustrations makes this a book that will remain in my library for use with grandchildren (should the Lord bless me with them in the FAR future) because it is timeless. I would highly recommend this book for young children as an introduction to prayer and for older children (my 11 year old enjoyed it too) as a reminder that we can go to God with everything.