Heaven Can Come to Earth

Jeffrey Klick

4.5 Stars

March 9, 2017

Life After Heaven; How My time in Heaven Can Transform Your Life on Earth, by Steven Musick with Paul Pastor, is not your typical “I visited heaven,” book. Yes, there is some description of what takes place on the “other side,” but the bulk of the book focuses on why that reality should influence our current one.

The author traces his life from the early days to the current one and shows us how the reality of heaven should make a difference in our here and now. Heaven is real but that is not our primary concern. What matters from the author’s point of view, is that heaven should be invading the temporal, and is not something that we just bide our time waiting for.

The author’s description of his experience fits into what is typically understood by those that have either died or nearly did. Bright light, while tunnel, open fields with peace, joy, and ease on the other side of the journey. Musick’s includes an extended dialogue with Jesus as the Lord opens up the details of the author’s life. This happens to fit my expectation as well, so I hope what the author experienced is common to us all.

The author’s primary mission is to ask his readers to be observant of heaven all around us. Kingdom of Heaven bubbles is the term used. Written from a Charismatic experience point of view, I’m sure some anti or non-charismatic readers would be put off by the emphasis on personal experience, but they would be missing the larger point.

Yes, the author was “slain in the Spirit,” at a Vineyard church service. While under this multiple hour experience, the author returned to heaven and was also healed of a long-term disability while being told by Jesus, “that everything will be different now.” That proved to be very true.

Miraculously healed physically was just the beginning. Musick now began to experience little bits of heaven in his daily life. Moving in what would be probably referred to as the gifts of the Spirit, the author began to follow the daily leading into many “bubbles” of heaven.

I will let others argue over what is real, what is fake, and are the gifts still relevant in our day. The story told by the author is well worth reading. We all need to slow down and take stock of what is going on around us. While I have never seen the heavenly glow on someone like the author has, I have had supernatural experiences by listening and praying for others. Did heaven come down? Maybe.

The book is a fast read and worth the time. Most of us that would read this book would agree that heaven is real and that the Lord there wants to impact us here. That is the point of the book and I simply could not agree more with it.

Dr. Jeff Klick