Shine Like the Dawn

Martha Artyomenko

4 Stars

March 8, 2017

I throughly enjoyed this story set in a small historical town, with a little mystery twist to it. As are her other books, this one is well written and entraps your attention, making you unable or unwilling to set it aside until you are done. It is not that it is fast moving, but it has little twists and turns throughout that make your mind keep moving from character to character.

I loved how the trauma in the story is not minimized, yet, it is not graphic. You realize to what extent it harmed the main character without feeling traumatized ourselves as readers.

The love story does not take the forefront of this story, but is more in sweet undertones, as it would be in real life. You have to check this out.

You can purchase this book $8.31 paperback right now. "Shine Like the Dawn"

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