You Will Never Sing Amazing Grace Again Without Thinking of John Newton's Story!

Charlotte Hardesty

5 Stars

March 6, 2017

I love Historical Fiction, so was intrigued by the story told in this book. I was not disappointed! The book was very well written, and carried the reader along a sweeping story of love, loss, maturity, and the Spiritual awakening of a lost soul. I enjoyed getting to know Polly, and following her journey as a young girl to a woman. The book gave historical accounts of the shipyards at that point in history, and of the threat of War with France. There were times when they eluded to the War, but did not focus on it. The events surrounding slave trade during that time period were skillfully discussed throughout the book. The reader had a clear vision of the importance of the slave trade, and many of the aspects of how that important piece of history impacted those living at that time. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and getting to know the person who wrote the words for Amazing Grace. I will truly never sing that song again without thinking of the fearless young man who wrote it during a period of time when he did not believe he deserved God's grace. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves the song, enjoys Historical Fiction, has ever felt they did deserve God's grace, or has accepted God's grace!