Lackluster Life of the Party

Heather Artushin

3 Stars

February 3, 2017

Life of the Party's bright, retro cover art and engaging title set the expectation for a fun and inspiring read about the life of Tupperware party mogul Brownie Wise. Being a Michigander, the company's connections to the Detroit area were exciting to learn about, and throughout the book it is clear that Brownie Wise is an amazing and inspiring female figure in history who is worth learning about, and learning from. The book is well-researched, with the historical timeline well-documented including many details. It is clear that the author has an accomplished background in journalism, and the book's tone reflects that. As a reader, however, the book felt like it was missing something. The author takes a disconnected, third-person, past-tense look at the life of Brownie Wise and the evolution of the Tupperware company, and I wonder how the book could have been even more inspiring and reach a wider audience if the author had approached the story with a more present-tense, narrative view. As a history buff, the way in which the book was written is on par, but the book would have been even more engaging, inspiring and fun to read if the wall was broken down between the reader and Brownie Wise, allowing for the reader to enter her experience and feel a stronger emotional, personal connection to her character.