Another Solid Book from Hedlund

Laura Mortimer

4.5 Stars

January 16, 2017

I found Jody Hedlund's writing abilities captivating when I read her book "Luther and Katharina" and seeing that she penned a similar novel about John Newton, I wanted to learn more about the famed hymn writer through her capable storytelling ability. "Newton and Polly" starts with cousins John Newton and Polly Catlett meeting each other and John being entranced by Polly and unable to leave her side. In the eighteen hundreds, this relationship was not problematic and John avoids his father and employment in order to be in Polly's presence. Polly greatly influences John, amidst his poor decisions and while working in the slave trade, and this is their unfamed story.
There are many details that keep the cadence even paced, but it is a wonderful gift to have the insight into what life was for the Newtons. In any historical novel, it is important to know reality verses fiction and Jody Hedlund does a great job pointing out accuracies and alterations to the true story in her Author's Note. Overall, this is a great historical fiction and she is a wonderful author to read! Make sure to pick up "Newton and Polly" for your own enjoyment and knowledge!
I received this complimentary book from Blogging for Books and was happy to post my honest review.