The Surrender Experiment

Melanie Zitzman

2 Stars

December 22, 2016

I received this book almost two years ago. I had just separated from my (now ex) husband, started a intensive school program, and had taken my four children and moved back in with my parents. This book sounded just like the perfect prescription for my falling apart life. So I started it.

The first of the book was interesting, but then I couldn't finish it. It didn't make sense to my particular sense of beliefs. I figured I wasn't ready for this surrendering stuff and so I put it on the shelf.

So now I pulled it out again. I have graduated from my intensive program. I've remarried and I thought maybe this time I'd have the guts to surrender to this book. But didn't resonate with me the way I wanted.

SO while I usually rate books very high and I wanted to rate this one higher. I'd still have to say that it wasn't the answer for me, but I'm sure other people will like it and the message it sends. I'm probably too much of a control freak for this to really work for me!