Great Adventure Story

LadyD Books

5 Stars

December 13, 2010

Who doesn't enjoy a great adventure story with struggles of good and evil?! The question that always runs through my mind is the hope that yes, once again good will triumph over evil!The story begins with Sir Dalton, a knight of the Prince. The Knights of the Prince fight in honor of the King and his son the Prince.

Lord Drox is a fallen knight, who now fights against the Knights of the Prince and tries to gain allegiance from Knights of the Prince who falter in their loyalty. Lord Drox preys on the fears of fellow soldiers and takes Dalton to his cavernous prison. Here, Dalton finds other Knights of the Prince who have given up their zeal and hope of escape.

Following his daring escape, Dalton is mortally wounded by Lord Drox but survives due to the rescue of a mysterious man who claims to collect things and make them like new. Once healed, Dalton decides to return to the prison and rescue his fellow Knights.

This allegory of good vs. evil is a strong tale that young adult readers and all ages will appreciate and understand the symbolic religious significance. This exciting book was my very first introduction to a whole series created by Chuck Black. I plan to read more!