Michael Taylor

4 Stars

October 20, 2016

"More" by Greg Hawkins addresses the subject on people becoming closer to Jesus Christ by time with Him as opposed to busyness ("working" for Him at church, community, etc.).  The book is around 200 pages covers subjects such as:

1.  How a study at the church he was serving revealed the surprising conclusion that more activity in a church does not necessarily equate to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.
2.  God wants a relationship with Him instead of a bunch of activity.
3.  Jesus needs to be the authority in our lives.
4.  God will not force Himself on us.
5.  Taking time to be still will help us know God in a deeper way.
6.  Suggested principles for reading the Bible.
7.  After God, people are the most important thing in life.

The book is readable and smoothly transitions from topic to topic.  Good read.  I was given a review copy by Multnomah in exchange for a fair and honest review.