Vegetables by Martha Stewart- Absolutely Tantalizing

Karthika Solai

4.5 Stars

October 2, 2016

Vegetables is a mouthwatering book. The pictures make you wish you had the time to drop everything and cook all the recipes you see at once. I went through with book mark tabs to mark the recipes I wanted to try and had a hard time not marking every other page.

This book is simple. It's divided by type of vegetable, and each section starts out by giving you "the basics." Some ingredients feel a little exotic to me, but overall the recipes are very approachable. They're laid out cleanly, and the steps are organized into sections, so you're never overwhelmed by looking at a twenty step recipe. The photos are equally understated, but there's still a sense of grandness to the book.

Despite the title, this is not a vegetarian or vegan book. Sure vegetables are the main star, but there are many recipes in this book that use meat. I'm very excited to try more recipes from this book in the future.