Potlucks Made New Again

christina newman

4 Stars

September 22, 2016

We update and upgrade our technology, home surroundings, and even perspective so why not the traditional viewpoint on the invitation to attend a potluck function with food that isn't only from a can and served from the crockpot (nothing wrong with that just nice to have options).
Living in a home that houses different styles and dietary requests this book not only found it's sway to my heart as an option of potluck items but also family meal considerations as well. With it's beautiful front cover and heavy weight this book would do nicely as a coffee table or kitchen display book, however it holds up just as well as a legitimate guide to making some delicious dishes.
With recipes for snacks, main dishes, and sweets in a variety of ways (gluten free, vegan, carnivore) this well photographed and detailed cook book provides many options.
A few of the favorites so far are the Roasted and Raw Brussels Sprouts Salad, Many Bean Salad, Smokey Squash Mac & Cheese, and No-Bake Sweet Pea Enchiladas. All of these were simple to make and tasted delicious