Divine Appointments Book Review

Renee Hall

5 Stars

April 27, 2011

About Divine Appointments:

Josie Brooks is not interested in disruption. Everything in her life is organized, minimal, and efficient. A successful business consultant in Chicago with a type-A personality, she ruthlessly identifies and slashes any source of economic wastefulness with complete disregard for the employees themselves. Soon, everyone at Diamond Mutual calls her "The Dragon" as she orders the termination of decent, hardworking people for the sake of profit. Josie's rigid life, however, mysteriously begins to unravel when a strangely alluring snow globe appears at her apartment. Soon afterward, Josie is forced to confront her own flaws and fears, beginning an emotional journey toward love, friendship, mourning, and new beginnings. A wide range of characters flesh out this latest installment of Baumbich's (Stray Affections) Snow Globe series, most emerging impressively from the narrative. Particularly noteworthy is Baumbich's ability to make Josie likable even at the height of her self-centeredness. Readers familiar with the first book in the series will note that the place, plot, and characters in the second book are all new, but having a second chance is still a central theme.

My Thoughts:

This book being the second in a series of three and with me not reading the first, I was still able to dive into Josie's world. I was able to relate with a lot of the turns that her life takes and even sympathize with her when she seemed to be quite selfish. Josie fights against many of the roadblocks that single, successful, older women face in todays society. This book also addresses the "you can't judge a book by it's cover" scenario and just because someone is successful and seems to have everything, doesn't mean they are happy. Josie travels on this journey to find her "true happy" and finds it in the most unexpected of places. At forty seven years old she is facing menopause, denying it, and trying to accept it. Charlene Ann Baumbich infuse her humor and lightens the dreadful feelings that come along with that time during a woman's life. I really enjoyed this book and delving into someone elses dysfunctional life for awhile. This book is meant for pure entertainment and it delivers just that.