Reminder to treat the concierge nicer!

Tiffany Mayhew

5 Stars

July 20, 2016

This book was so fun to read and it was a quick read as well. The book kept me engaged and eager to turn the page to read what they had to write about next. It had me laughing at times, sad at times as I remembered doing some of the things they suggest not to, and eager for my next trip now that I'm equipped with so much expert knowledge. The book also gives you a huge insight into the people hotel employees have to deal with daily! Gesh! Makes you reflect back on your stays at hotels over the years and wonder what type of guest you are. It's also a great reminder to treat the concierge nicer next time and to not ask them stupid questions that they shouldn't be asked. This book is a great, entertaining book that you'll want to share with family and friends. I also LOVE how each page is different on not just filled with text. The quizzes are fun and the graphics are entertaining.