Barons of the Beltway!

Brittany Brown

3.5 Stars

July 19, 2016

This book is definitely an interesting one.

I went back and forth on deciding to read it, given the author.... Michelle Fields famously claimed that Cory Lewandowski, Trump's then Campaign Manager, had grabebd her and thrown her down during a rally.

Little did she know, the event was being taped by surveilence cameras-- and the footage did not support her side of the story.

Having lessened respect for this author initially, but curious to hear her viewpoint on the political landscape, I realized I have nothing to lose by investigasting her view on politics.

One place I can agree with Michelle, is that the Washington Elite is totally and copletelly corrupt. They line their pockets at the expense of the taxpayers, and make promises they don't keep.

This is a large reason why I am supporting Trump Pence 2016.

This book talks about the extravagent lives of the Washington elite, bought and paid for by YOU AND ME! If you want to become a little bit upset (maybe very much annoyed) please read this. It may cause you to fight for change in governent, and start to hold them more accountable for the reasons we elected them there in the first place. 

When thinking about how the Clintons lining their pockets with taxpayer money and money from interest groups outside of the U.S., and making promises that weren't kept; and lying to all Americans- even those mother's of fallen heroes; and having shady underhanded "meetings with friends" to keep themselves out of the spotlight, and make sure scandals get swept under the rug--- I wonder who Michelle Fields is supporting in 2016.

I would hope the Trump Pence ticket. Who isn't trying to become wealthy in Washington. They are trying to work and create change in Washington. 

The biggest way to "overthrow" these Barons of the Beltway is to VOTE them out. And we have an opportunity to do that THIS NOVEMBER! Make sure you get out and vote for change and AMERICA!

The book was provided to me complimentary of Blogging for Books.