Review: Love That Boy

Ashley Madrigal

3.5 Stars

July 19, 2016

Love That Boy is more than just a father’s journey of learning who his son is and accepting him, it’s also a look into the raw struggles of well-meaning (sometimes) parents. Ron Fournier’s background in journalism is prevalent throughout the book which makes for a quick read. The first half is filled with unrealistic parental expectations and its opposing research. I shook my head at many of the interviews and had to check my heart to make sure I wasn’t doing those same things.

The author is both transparent and painfully vulnerable at times and his courage to write his truth is admirable. I most enjoyed getting a view a life from a child living with Asperger’s. Tyler is quite the character with a fascinating mind. I hope to read something authored by him in the future.

Parenting is filled with complexities and I think this book does a good job at addressing many of them. I recommend this book to any parent, there is something for all of us to learn.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.