The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger REVIEW

Elisha German

2.5 Stars

June 13, 2016

This book was not what I expected. I was expecting a third dimensional read with the divorce being the centerfold. That isn't what happened though. The story was in email format, which made for a different kind of read; but it also made for a fun and interesting read with a context that I was not expecting. I found myself laughing at myself for being surprised that it was in a different format than I was expecting since the title is "The Divorce Papers'.  However, as much fun was it was to read a book in a different style, I.E. story line, plot, twist, characters, etc., it would have been nice to have some context to work with. It was daring, in my opinion, for the author to go the route that she did with the format. It didn't fail, it was still quite a good and interesting read that kept me on my toes, it just wasn't the route I would have gone with. However...once you get into the rhythm and pulse of the book, you find yourself looking forward to the correspondence and responses and learning what type of character the character has from their responses for the divorce. All in all, I thought the realness, the genuineness, and law speak (it is a divorce, after all) really gave this book a punch and the characters (Sophie, her boss, David, etc) had real flavor behind their characters. Overall, a good book :)