Life, In Spite of Me

Catherine York

5 Stars

April 9, 2011

Life, In spite of Me is an incredible story about a teenage girl who attempted suicide. She survived, but lost her legs. Through the pain and struggles that followed, she discovered a new hope by centering her life on God.

She tells us the events, and their emotional impact, that lead up to her decision to end her life. We can actually feel the hopelessness as depression overwhelmed her. Then after the accident, we are with her through the pain, healing, and fear of what life will be like without her legs. I gained a new insight into the world through her perspective. So many things we take for granted, going to the bathroom, getting in and out of bed or a car are a struggle now. Even bring dropped when a friend gives her a piggy back ride would be normally be funny, but humiliating when you can't catch yourself, or even get back up. None of these activities are an issue for most of us, but someone with a handicapp has to plan and be prepared for them.

When Kristen went to a party, saw her old friends drinking and flirting, she finally realized how empty her old life had been. "There's got to be more to life" she wondered. She found the answers in God. She asked him into her life and began learning and growing close to Him. This was an insightful section for me as well. I am also a 'baby' Christian, and I learned so much along with Kristen.

I was amazed at how God used Kristen to touch so many lives. Her story destinctly touched mine.

Now is your turn.