Good book

Jenn Kim

5 Stars

April 30, 2016

Before you drift of thinking this book is another military book, I want you to keep listening. I promise it will be worth your time. 

First off, this book will talk about military, but there's a twist to it. I found what they do at military to be very helpful to me. I don't plan on joining the military anytime soon, but it helps me realize how small my problems are compared to theirs. I realized that my problem are extremely small compared to the near-death situations that they had to face everyday. It helped me build perspective and value the things I have now.

It also taught me how the world is full of people wanting the good things in life. As you know not all of us get it. Why? Because we don't complete the necessary steps to accomplish it. 
My most important takeaway is how they are faced with one of the most pressuring things in life, but they managed to thrive. 
Why can't we do that when we are risking much smaller things?
This book really taught me a lot of things. I would say its a great book. 

The author is Rob Roy, and he was the chief officer. He teaches great lessons.