College Rules!

Anne Campbell

5 Stars

April 12, 2016

How to Study, Survive, and Succeed in College

Our son will be a college freshman in the fall. Although he has taken some dual enrollment classes already, the full-time college experience is going to be a big adjustment from homeschooling. College Rules!, 4th Edition: How to Study, Survive, and Succeed in College is a study aid written by two college professors that helps students transition to the college environment successfully. Now in its fourth edition, this newly revised and updated edition is full of tips and strategies to help students do well academically, while navigating new technology and other aspects of college life. In preparing our son for this next step in his educational career, College Rules! is a valuable resource.

What's Inside College Rules!

The thorough content of College Rules! includes advice for everything students need to know to adjust to a different form of schooling, including:

  • finding help when you need it
  • understanding professors
  • choosing courses and a major
  • adjusting to new demands and a faster pace
  • dealing with stress
  • staying motivated
  • efficient time management
  • using technology
  • studying smarter

This practical guide is written primarily to the new college student, but there are tons of helps that will benefit students in any year of college, as well as special sidebars addressed to adult students returning to the classroom later in life. The candid style of this guide makes it fun to read, and the personal stories in the 'Sad but True' sections provide examples that reinforce the points the authors make in each chapter. One of the most helpful sections is the chapter on concentration while studying, and the tips are helpful for anyone, not just college students. The authors provide seven ways to improve concentration, as well as a checklist to help students assess their learning environments and deal with inner distractions.

Hopefully, this guide will become dog eared and well used as the next four years pass by. We're looking forward to a successful start thanks to resources like College Rules!