Cookbook Review: Malibu Farm Cookbook - Recipes from the California Coast by Helene Henderson

Nancy N.

4.5 Stars

April 10, 2016

This cookbook is super gorgeous and really screams "California dining". It starts off with an introduction explaining Malibu Farms. The photographs really give you a feel for the restaurant and the community. I love the simple design of the cookbook with the black and white text. 

These are all recipes that I would totally make on a day-to-day basis which I appreciated. A lot of restaurant cookbooks tend to have more complicated recipes that you wouldn't exactly cook after a long day at work. The ingredients are at the focus of many of these recipes and they really do shine through. A few of my favorite include: burrata, arugula, and nectarine salad; balsamic skirt steak; frittata with ricotta and peas; and fried egg sandwiches.