An interesting way to look at a divorce

Annie Hicks

3 Stars

April 2, 2016

when i first picked this book from the pile to read and review, i had gotten to the pile late, so therefore all that was available was this. when i got around to finally reading it, i was ready to finish my current book. however when i started it, it was going well and no issues. but as i was reading, i was thinking, i would really like to read something with a bit more meat..the meat that was waiting for me, was Updike, a collection of short stories - a great bite of meat. I kept reading and all i could think of was reading about Alton and Olinger. So i threw in the towel, so to say. But i must also say that i did like what i read so far. I liked reading about the characters and the legalese jargon of meeting the characters. Maybe someday i will return and finish the whole thing, but maybe just maybe, I'll still have a foot in Pennsylvania and remising about his stories about golf....