Brian Williams

5 Stars

March 30, 2016

Max Lucado's book Fearless is a definite must read. In this book he takes us down the path of fear. Coupled with his discussion guide a group or single person can learn so much. In his book he shows us how to examine fear for what it is then how to expose it so that we can battle it. He humorous stories throughout make this serious read an easy read. The message throughout reminds us that fear can cause us to forget to lean on Jesus and lead us to sin. It also causes us to try to handle things on our own. He reminds us that Jesus truly understands our fears as he became flesh and suffered these same fears. An example of his humor came in the form of comparing reading the informational pamphlet that accompanies a prescription. It tells all the good things the medicine will do and then tells all of the possible side effect. This was compared to a lawyer standing beside a pregnant woman in labor. The lawyer was there reading a contract to the unborn child explaining how wonderful it was to be born and loved and then warning them of all of the dangers such as drunk drivers, terrorists etc., should they decide to continue their jourey into the world. After examining the discusssion guide I decided that It probably would have been more beneficial to me had I read the questions for each chapter before I read the chapter. I then would have gone back and answered the questions. This is a book that I will definately read again and will recommend to all of my family and friends.