Surrender Everything

Jean Wild

3 Stars

March 16, 2016

The Surrender Experiment seems to me to be more of a novel than a guide, which I was expecting.  I really had a hard time getting into this book as It didn’t seem realistic in the way the story was told. There were a lot of ‘holes’ in the story as many other readers pointed out which left me questioning circumstances like living separate from his wife and child.  It may work for some, but is certainly out of the norm.   I am absolutely one to believe in fate and miracles and have been a product of many,  but I also think you do need to put some effort into the gifts and opportunities you are presented with. . The car doesn’t drive itself. In all fairness,  I did not read his previous book The Untethered Soul so perhaps I am at a disadvantage with this one.  I was given this book  Bethany Books to review and the opinion is my own.