The Good News About Marriage {Book Review & Why It Matters}

Esther Littlefield

4.5 Stars

March 7, 2016

The book “The Good News About Marriage: Debunking discouraging myths about marriage and divorce” by Shantie Feldhahn does an incredible job of cleaning up the common misconceptions about marriage in our culture.

The book looks at 5 myths about marriage, and shows the actual truths based on 8 years of research and real data from a wide array of studies. While there are certainly reasons to be concerned about marriage in our society today, there are even more reasons to be encouraged. There actually IS good news about marriage in our culture

I was truly encouraged by reading “The Good News About Marriage.” This book debunks many of the common misconceptions about marriage in our culture, and provides hope that the institution of marriage is actually in better condition than many would have us to believe.