Good, but should've read the first book

Heather McBride

4 Stars

November 3, 2010

Before reading this book, I was disappointed to find out that this was Book 2 in a series. I hate starting a series (not just books, but anything – TV shows, movies, etc.) anywhere but the beginning. Normally, I would table the book until I’d read the previous one in the series. But, I had agreed to read this one and post a review this week. As this was one of two books I was to review this week, I didn’t have the time to read Book 1 in this series. I wish I had. I found that there was much in this book that had me questioning if I’d know what was being referred to if I had read Book 1. There were many events and circumstances referenced that I was completely clueless about. So, I don’t know that this would be a stand-alone title. I think I would have enjoyed this book much more if I had read Tomorrow’s Treasure first.

That said, overall I did like the book. While it took me awhile – meaning at least a few chapters – to get into it, I soon found myself unwilling to put it down. In fact, I read the last hundred-plus pages today. I think part of why I couldn’t get into it at first was because this book starts (and continues) with the assumption that I’m familiar with the back story. But, once I got into it, I found the story and the characters quite interesting.

If this book sounds interesting to you, I suggest you start with Tomorrow’s Treasure first, then read this one. I would guess that this one is quite good if read after the first in the series!