Review The Divorce Papers

Mardene Carr

3.5 Stars

January 6, 2016

I was a bit surprised by the contents of this book; I guess I was not expecting it to be set up the way it was.  I have never seen another book like this written about divorce.   Susan Rieger actually uses personal correspondences (emails, letters etc) to show how the business of divorce can be.

It took getting used to the way the author uses these correspondences to spin the story.   Whichever way it was done though, it still showed the ugly side of divorce and that was kind of hard to read at times.

Although the book is very entertaining, there is a lot that persons can learn from it.  Whether you are thinking of getting married, thinking of getting divorced or wishing that the other person would reconsider divorce, there is something to be learnt from these pages.  It gives a close up view of divorce that many people are not aware of (especially if you have never gone through this process)

In between all the humor and entertainment you come upon sections like The Courier Consumer: Finding a Divorce Lawyer.  Here the author provides a great resource on how to make sure that you are well represented in the event that you are faced with divorce.

A must read for persons who are thinking of divorce!