A Glimpse Inside the Amish

Kristen Whirrett

5 Stars

March 21, 2011

I live in an Amish town – the tiny town of Grabill, Indiana. When my husband (then fiancé) and I began looking for our first home, we began our search in the city. We quickly realized we didn’t want the tiny houses with no yards and parking on the street. We wanted a charming house with yard for our children to play and space for our family to grow. We soon found that in Grabill.

Along with the small town charm, we have many English (like us) and Amish neighbors. I love hearing the buggies clip-clop down our road on a warm summer evening when our windows are open. I love the fact that we have a hitching post outside our local post office and library. I love that we have a wonderful bulk food store. For all that I love, there is much by which I am intrigued. I find myself quite curious about my quiet Amish neighbors.

So, until I can become good friends with an Amish lady, I content myself with reading about the Amish. I observe and I read. I have read a lot about the Amish but none as enjoyable as the new book Plain Wisdom.

Plain Wisdom is written by two unique friends. Cindy Woodsmall is an English lady and a Christian writer. Miriam Flaud is an Amish lady who works at home. Cindy and Miriam met several years ago as Cindy was researching stories. They quickly became fast friends.

Plain Wisdom is their attempt to let others in on their different – yet similar – worlds. Cindy and Miriam are both Christian wives and mothers. Cindy writes from the modern perspective of which we are familiar while Miriam invites us into her old-fashioned world.

I learned much about the Amish as I read this book. There were several chapters written about the Plain Ways and their Weddings, Simple Celebrations and their Cottage Industries. I found it fascinating and enlightening. Did you know creamed celery is a traditional wedding dish? Speaking of food, Miriam shared many recipes in this book, too! Amish Friendship Bread and Church Peanut Butter are two of my favorites so far.

Each chapter began with a Bible verse and included perspectives and stories from both Cindy and Miriam. The chapters included reflections on The Unexpected, Kitchen Tables, Life Interrupted and Having it All Together…or Not. Both ladies wrote beautifully, honestly and from their hearts.

Plain Wisdom truly feels like you are sitting down for a cup of tea with dear friends. If you are looking for encouragement for your heart – and want to learn about the Amish as you do so – I would highly recommend this book.