When Grace Sings

Angela Rogers

4.5 Stars

November 15, 2015

Kim Vogel Sawyer has a way of weaving her words into a beautiful black and white tapestry that you never want to stop reading. While you want resolution and a happy ending for her characters, you find yourself never wanting their story to end. 

When Grace Sings is no exception. It is the continuation of When Mercy Rains, which you don't necessarily have to read first, but it makes the flow so much better. 

Briley is from Chicago, and brings tons of trouble with him when he walks in to Alexa's B & B and life. How does a big city boy and a small town girl, trying to live the plain life  manage to get along? 

The author does a masterful job drawing us in and wrapping us up in their lives, their hopes, their dreams, their struggles, and letting us see the grace that is extended to them all around.