Book Review: Apartment Therapy Complete + Happy Home

Hanna Lei

5 Stars

August 27, 2015

Apartment Therapy
Complete + Happy Home
Maxwell Ryan & Jan Laban
Photos by Melanie Acevedo 

Getting a room to feel right is more instinct than science. You know a great space when you see it. Apartment Therapy trains your eye with more than 75 rooms, from bedrooms to kitchens and living rooms to kids' rooms and workspaces. Explore every detail - lighting, color palettes, flooring and accessories - that bring a home to life and, most important, makes you happy in it. 

Maxwell Ryan is the cofounder of the Apartment Therapy blog network. Frequently quoted in the press, Maxwell has been called a "Makeover Guru" by the New York Times. He is the author of Apartment Therapy, Apartment Therapy Presents, and Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces. He lives in New York. 

Janel Laban is the executive editor of Apartment Therapy. Since 2006 she's spent her time discovering great design, inspiring homes, and the lovely people who live in them - then happily sharing it all with the world on the site. Jane lives in Chicago with her husband and son. 

I love makeover books, and blog books like A Beautiful Mess's Happy Handmade Home and even Slaying the Debt Dragon so I was excited to read Apartment Therapy. It's even better than I expected though. There's a ton of different tips for different styles. There's lots of kitchen inspiration and the offices they feature are to die for. I love that everything says the owner's name and occupation as well as giving a good deal of information about their design choices. Great book to read if you're in need of some major design help.