Book Review: Cheap Chic

Amy Bizzarri

4 Stars

August 26, 2015

Fall is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe, and here's a book to get you started:

Cheap Chic: Hundreds of Money Saving Hints to Create Your Own Great Look.


Originally published way back in 1975 - Diane Von Furstenburg was one of the original editors - this book teaches you how to develop your own unique sense of style. It's a fashion bible that offers advise on how to develop your own personal wardrobe that reflects your own unique style.

In a world where so many people strive to be cookie-cutter copies of others, this book stands out for its fresh, individualized fashion sense. The suggestions are affordable and timeless. You'll find outfit ideas, advise from fashion icons and experts, shopping guides, and other practical tips. I love the vintage photos most of all! Everything old is so obviously new again because somehow these old fashion photos fit right in with today's style: a good reminder that the best way to be fashionable is to strive for a unique style that is at once timeless and contemporary: this book will help you achieve your very own look. 

It's no surprise that this tome is beloved by designers and style icons!