Chep Chic Book Review

Hailey Fries

.5 Stars

August 25, 2015

                I was pretty excited to get this book. Lately I have been into fashion and wanted to get my first fashion book. This one looked pretty promising. It was the 40th anniversary of the book that first appeared in the 70s. I read some great things about this book, so my hopes for it were high.

                But I was sadly disappointed. I assumed the book would have some of its original elements, but mixed with more modern fashion. It wasn’t. The entire book was the same as the original; expect a foreword that was written by Tim Gunn.  I felt since it was very true to the 1970s fashion it had no real value for today’s audience, unless of course you are into dressing like you stepped out of a time machine. But on top of everything, I found it greatly disappointing when I saw some very inappropriate pictures featured in the book. That’s the last thing I would expect in a fashion book! There was no need to add these certain pictures! I am definitely going to be getting rid of this book. And I’m not even going to give it to Goodwill, in fear of a child accidently flipping through the book. I do NOT recommend this book to anyone. It was horrible!!

                I know this was a short review, but I don’t what else to say about this book, expect it was completely terrible!

I received this book from Blogging for Books.