Rise of the Fallen has appeal to teens, adults & fans of Speculative Fiction

Meagan Myhren-Bennett

4.5 Stars

August 25, 2015

Rise of the Fallen

War of the Realms 2

By Chuck Black

Rise of the Fallen is the second book in Chuck Black's Wars of the Realm series.  This book though a sequel is in many respects a prequel and at the same time a synchronized story told from an alternative point of view.  In this book we see through Validus's eyes rather than Drew Carter's.

We are taken to the early days when Creation was still in its holy perfection.  Validus the last angel created forms close friendships with three other angels - Niturni, Persimus, and Cadriel.  We, along with these four, experience the fall of both the angels and humanity.  

We are taken through human history as the chapters alternate between the past the present.  Major events such as Noah and the ark, the Tower of Babel, the faith of Daniel in exile, and events from the life of Christ including His final days are highlights of the Plan of Elohim to save His creation - to save humanity.  And through the present action Validus wonders why Drew Carter is so important that he is assigned to him, taking him from his other duties as a spiritual warrior.

Fans of Jerel Law's Son of Angels series who are looking for a more grown-up series to graduate to will find Wars of the Realm appealing.  And those who enjoyed Rubart James's Well Spring novels may find a new series to satisfy their Speculative Fiction reading appetite.


There may be some who object to some of the creative liberties the author had to employ while crafting this story, this series.  But truthfully to write a story about angels one has to use a touch of creativity as the Bible does not offer a lot of concrete fact about angels.

All-in-all this is a well-written and intriguing book that should appeal to both teen and adult readers. And you can read this book before Cloak of Light if you have not previously read it as the story's style of delivery makes it able to stand alone if the reader so desires.  But after reading this book you'll want to know more about Drew Carter and the incidents that have made him a person of interest to the Fallen.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.