A Must Read of Personal Struggle and God's Redemption

Brian Wang

4 Stars

August 14, 2015

There are opportunities every day for us to lay our lives down for those around us. As believers we have an incredible example that was laid before us through Christ's sacrifice for us. In the book Fearless, we get to follow the True Story of Adam Brown. He was a hometown hero, turned to drug addict doing time, to a Navy Seal. A story of triumph and sacrifice. That is what you get when you dive into the life of Adam Brown. 
He was able to persevere through personal struggle and reach the top of the US Military. Adam was always the first to volunteer for the most dangerous of jobs. His last assignment would be the beginning of his legacy. This is a book for those who love to learn how the Christian faith is lived out in all sorts of careers. Follow this story of personal struggle to God's glorious redemption! 
Fearless was released a few years ago and I was able to get a pre-release copy.