New book approaches health and wellness through diet.

Pamela Dunning

4 Stars

July 17, 2015

Review Tips

Everyday Detox : 100 easy recipes to remove toxins, promote gut health and lose weight naturally by Megan Gilmore addresses diet and health in a new way. The author first gives some brief information on the importance of eating whole foods. she then takes you through cleaning out and restocking your kitchen pantry and cookware. The explanation of how to follow her prescribed detox life style are simple and include a one week meal plan with a shopping list. There is no mistaking how to start and carry out this plan. Finally, the book has many recipes to help you embark on your journey to health.

I question the broad appeal to the public with this book. It may prove too hardcore in concept for the casual user. It is indeed a life change with some very stringent guidelines. The recommended food lists are quite limiting and require one to eat from only one food group at a time. Many of the items in the shopping list are expensive and can require a trip to specialty shops for purchase.

After reviewing the book and trying a couple of recipes (the pancakes were extraordinary,)  my conclusion was that this book has really good information from a really reliable source and will be of great use to those individuals who are looking to make serious changes in their life style.  “Whole Food” and “Clean Eating” are more than the new catch phrases. They are the return to eating a balanced diet that promotes well-being and health.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (from the book)

Megan Gilmore is the creator and recipe developer behind, a website that makes healthy living easier and more accessible. Though she wasn’t raised as a healthy eater, Megan credits her former junk food habits – and penchant for baking – in helping her re-create healthy favorites using whole foods ingredients, without sacrificing taste or texture. Megan is a certified nutritionist consultant and health coach, and her recipes have been featured in The Guardian as well as Shape and Clean Eating magazines. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and son.