The Surrender Experiment Book Review

anastasia weeks

5 Stars

May 29, 2015

The surrender experiment is an amazing true life story of Author Michael A. Singer and his journey and experiment in completly letting go and letting life take control after having a deep spiritual awakening. First off I have to say I wasn't sure I was going to like the book all that much because I find most true life story books to be boring.This book is the exception.I was mesmerized reading the book, that at times I would close it and say "wow that is so amazing".Michael A. Singers life story and writing style really moved me, it amazed me how he went from a dropout earning no more than like $350 a month and living out in his van to a teacher,a contractor,a programer,a business man and a yogi. It's truly inspiring how he managed to surrender through every up and down in his life, and how he overcame even the most of difficult of challenges. I actually could relate to him to an extent about finding yourself through solitude and meditation and yoga, and trying to quite that nagging inner "ego" voice.So after finishing the book I had so much inspiration to try the surrender experiment just like he did, and also go deeper in my yoga and meditation practice.Overall I really enjoyed this book so much that I even ordered his other book "The Untethered Soul" and it has really opened my eyes to the power of the universe and life when you go deep inside of yourself and surrender.