The American Catholic Almanac

Nicole Husbands

4 Stars

May 12, 2015

Format: Each page is dedicated to a different date of the year. A page long snippet of history or profile of a person is given on each date. There are appendices are helpful to find the different dates of basic information such as the founding of Diocese or the feast dates of American saints. 

Review: I spent most of my educational career in a Catholic institution. I learned a lot about Catholicism and the history of the Church. Most of the time the information is presented in a dry manner. The American Catholic Almanac  would've been a welcome addition to my Catholic education. I learned many aspects during Catholic history that were overlooked. The figures that were highlighted were interesting and entertaining.  As with any book with dates, I flipped directly to my birthday and learned about an amendment related to my Catholic school education. 

Audience: I would recommend book sharing with students in middle, high school or in a ministry center. I would see it is as a part of a daily opening activity or "fun fact" activity.