Governess of Highland Hall

Dana McNeely

5 Stars

March 23, 2015

Julia Foster misses the life she led in India, working alongside her missionary parents to rescue abandoned girls. But when her father’s poor health forces the family to return to England, she takes a job as a governess to support them.

Set in England’s Edwardian period, “The Governess of Highland Hall” by Carrie Turansky offers an off-season fix for lovers of Downton Abbey. With lavish descriptions of the upstairs-downstairs drama we long for in a period piece, the story of an admirable young woman unfolds. Though she has suffered loss, her concern for others is foremost—she puts her needs and wishes last. In fact, she reminded me of Jane Eyre, especially with her devotion to the master of Highland Hall, though she hides her growing attraction for him. The reader may find other interesting similarities to “Jane Eyre”.

A lot happens in the story, and I want to avoid spoilers, but a satisfying component to this novel is seeing the characters learn and grow through the conflict life tosses their way.

I will be reading other books in this series. Highly recommended for watchers of Downton Abbey or Upstairs Downstairs, and for readers of Historical Romance by authors such as Phillippa Gregory, Julie Klassen, and Sarah Ladd.

This book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for my honest review.