The Diabetes Solution Review

Brandon Gilliland

5 Stars

December 1, 2014

"The Diabetes Solution is probably one of the most comprehensive books I have read on the issue - from describing all the problems leading up to prediabets, then the different types of diabetes, how it affects the body and how it works, lifestyle and eating changes, medication options, recipes to regulate blood sugar, and exercise suggestions. About the only thing missing are images for the recipes or to help visualize the technical discussions.

The book breaks down as follows: Part One (Know your enemy): Understanding type 2 diabetes; screening for type 2 diabetes; Understanding prediabets; Complications from diabetes; Understanding medications that treat diabetes; Understanding gestational diabetes. Part 2 (Manage your diabetes): Great foods, bad foods: what you should eat; The blood sugar budget; The recipes; Move it or lose it: how exercise and improve blood sugar; How stress and sleep affect type 2 diabetes; Bariatric surgery - when all else fails; The diabetes solution. Introduction, glossary, references are also included.

For those with a family with a history of diabetes, are currently overweight/obese, or over the age of 45, this really should be mandatory reading. Really, everything is covered in this book - there are no graphs, pretty pictures, or callouts - it's all text and it is written in a very no-nonsense, no fluff, 'this is how it is' manner. There is a lot of technical information (actual biological descriptions of why diabetes happens and how it destroys the body), from how diabetes testing is done, what to expect, to whether or not it would be worth it to get medication to control pre-diabetes symptoms. It's about a 2 hour, read, though, and very informative."

Another physician mentioned, "
As a physician, I am always looking for helpful educational aides for patients to help take better care of themselves. I found this book to be very easy to read, with enough science to be educational but not too much to be overwhelming or confusing. Dr Rodriquez takes what can be sometimes a very confusing condition and makes it understandable. And with the recipes it doesn't seem to be a "burden" or chore to eat right. With the degree of obesity seen in America, this book should be on everyone's Christmas gift list. Kudos to the authors for a job well done!"
-Douglas Mest MD

I believe this book is a great read, and it is very informative. This book is great for students, those struggling with diabetes, or those wanting to help others.

A must have!