A Story of Choices

Kristen Whirrett

4 Stars

February 15, 2011

Lady in Waiting is the story of two Janes – married yet recently and suddenly separated, modern, antique dealer, Jane Lindsay, and young, single, heir to the English throne, Lady Jane Grey. One day, as modern Jane is unpacking a new antique shipment, she discovers an ancient ring hidden in the binding of a Protestant prayer book. Through her research, she discovers that this ring could have belonged to Lady Jane Grey. Here the story flashes back to this young queen.

Lady Jane is a young lady when the story begins and sadly, still a young lady when the story ends. She is a young woman who is given in marriage for political reasons and finds herself ruling on the throne – for a very brief time. As Lady Jane is learning to cope with the changes thrust upon her, modern day Jane is struggling with recent changes in her life. Her only son has recently started college and her husband has decided to leave her. Both Janes, in their different lives, circumstances and times, are struggling to figure out exactly whom they are.

Susan Meissner weaves beautifully the stories of these two ladies. At the beginning, I was unsure how the stories would unfold but quickly found myself drawn into both stories. Even though I enjoyed both, I confess that the story of Lady Jane Grey was my favorite. I loved the way Susan blended fact with fiction and painted a poignant picture of this young queen.

Lady in the Waiting is ultimately a story of choices. It is the story of choices thrust upon us, and choices we make ourselves. It is the story of the consequences of our choices. It is the story of the courage necessary to live life in the face of our choices.

As we all daily make countless choices in our life, I enjoyed reading of others’ choices – while still seeing how God can use all of our choices for His good!