Knitting Block by BLock

NATOSHA miller

5 Stars

November 11, 2014

I love that the book is full of helpful tips, ideas and ways to create new and beautiful designs. The Knitting Block by Block really helps take it to a level that anyone could understand and do! If your starting out and/or been use to knitting this book will work for you no matter where your starting from!

I myself, just got into knitting and have had no problem understanding the information giving in this book. You must start small and than grow, this book can and will help you. I actually crochet a lot, but I also try my best at knitting, which takes more time.
However, to learn the different stitches and designs you could make is just marvelous! 

The difference I can tell is knitting takes the stitches to be a bit tighter and almost like sewed fabric, but either crocheting or knitting I think they both are great hobbies and fun with yarn.

So in this book your guided to learn how to create these new stitches with actual images and photos of the real product. Plus, lovely images of the designs and creations you could make with knitting. I enjoy the visual guidance and the designs are so unique and fabulous! Not your typical boring stitch by stitch. You will fall in love with this book, and just all the fun to knit is just a page a way!

Terrific book, great guide and fun for anyone who wants to knit or continue with new styles and designs.