And the jury says...

Wendi Hansen

3.5 Stars

November 6, 2014

The Divorce Papers is about a divorce, of course, and the young, female attorney, Sophie, who is assigned to handle the divorce, even though she’s a criminal law attorney and was only supposed to do the intake interview of the important client who was being served with divorce papers by her husband. The book is different, in that it’s written in the form of emails, briefs, legal documents, correspondence, articles, and office memos. Since I don't work in the legal profession, or know really anything about it (besides from what I have learned from watching Law & Order), I found it fascinating (yet at times kind of hard to understand because of the legal jargon) to read this book. I really liked it a lot. It was funny, sad, complicated and fun to read. It makes the reader look at his/her own relationship, I think. Overall, I found it a fun, delightful read.