The trifecta that brings the trilogy full circle

Genissa Daly

4 Stars

August 30, 2014

S.E.C.R.E.T. Revealed is the last of the Secret trilogy by L. Marie Adeline, and each of the three served different things to us readers, but all are nothing short of steam and swoon. The three herione's came from different backgrounds, which is what shaped them to who they were when it was time to tell their story. It's what brings a variety of scenarios and issues to the table, but are possibly relatable, which is what gave this series the authenticity.

In this conclusion, we are mainly focused on Solange's journey, but it also gives Cassie her resolution. We are still following Cassie's story as well as starting Solange's journey. This brings multiple plot lines, but it's not too tedious to keep up with. So, in a way, Revealed is the trifecta that brings it full circle. We're introduced to more new characters along the way, and there's a whole lot going on and there's a place for each of them in each others lives. It deals with a lot of what adults go through and gives readers insight of some aspects of life in adulthood. Without spoiling too much, we are treated to careers, parenthood, dynamic with former husband, sex, working on gaining confidence and sex appeal back, unlucky and then lucky in sex and love, innuendos, finding your way, progressing in life and work, sex, that love triangle with Cassie and Will and Jesse, swoon, serious subject matter of social media and bullying and attempted suicide, and tackling issues. And the ending with the added delight of an epilogue leaves you plenty satisfied.

And there's the topic/issue of sex. I know most of my reader friends stray away from books with sex in it because there's too much sex and not enough plot or development, but there's no worry for that here. This series is very character and plot driven, with some sex to spice things up a little. Even if you shy away from erotic romances (due to New Adult), the steam factor and sexytimes is just hot enough to feel the burn. This is Adult; it's mature, sensual and less perverse--so don't let that topic make you turn this read down.