Blog #3 -a nice writing book

April Vandunk

5 Stars

August 1, 2014

This book helped me with advice on how to fully complete my book. It gave me tips and advice on what to do while writing a book. It was fun to read about someone elses writing life while trying to figure out my own. I didnt lose my place that often bug at times i lost intrist on reading the rest of it.

I would definetly recomend you read this book especially when your trying to write your own novel. It helps keep you concentrated at the task at hand. My own opinion is that it was a amazing book all together and i would einetly  read it again.

All togther this book was fluent and the flow kept you a hook. Its definetly on my read again list. It's funny and helpful an those two most likely fit perfctly together. I'll make sure to readthis book again while in the processes of ammending my own novel.